22 practical ideas on how to build a disruptive business

The takeaway always goes first (just in case): JUMP AT THE OPPORTUNITY YOU DON’T KNOW. This is how you will start creating a disruptive business model.

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We could talk about how to be disruptive as people, but that would be another story. So I’m going to reveal a few techniques for helping us become a disruptive business. This part is the result of years working with different brands, companies, and personal projects. It’s been a hell of a ride experimenting, trying, failing, trying different and sometimes succeeding.

Here we go:

Idea 1

Idea 2

Idea 3

Idea 4

Idea 5

Idea 6

Idea 7

Idea 8

Idea 9

Idea 10

Idea 11

Idea 12

Idea 13

Idea 14

Idea 15

Idea 16

Idea 17

Idea 18

Idea 19

Idea 20

Idea 21

Idea 22

Being a disruptive business is within your grasp

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Make this story rock only if you find it worth it!

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