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6 critical keys to build the self-discipline that sets you free

How to become unstoppable by building self-discipline

Self-discipline is the only core skill I know of that can set you free, and that is the most powerful there is. I’m not the only one who thinks so, ask Jocko Willink.

It is on these days that I feel the power of self-discipline. I finished, some days ago, the 4-day Holistic Ultraman. An “experiment” beyond common human performance. When I do what I know I do, and it is my responsibility to do it, career, meditate, Tai Chi, work, lead projects, advise companies, go to a retreat and disconnect, go on fasting, avoiding distractions, etc. It is then when I can connect with what makes me a teacher (apprentice) of the life I live.

How to build the self-discipline that sets you free

How to do it? And how to build self-discipline that does not break you along the way, that elevates you, makes you unstoppable, and at the same time can free you?

Here are 6 keys to achieve it:

  1. Rewrite daily: to avoid being carried away by laziness, you need to be aligned with what happens inside and outside of you every day. That is why it is important to rewrite what you wrote yesterday and realize how what you do changes, but also to know where you are. Everything is changing, you have to adapt, write daily about what you read by seeing what you wrote yesterday, and what you will write today will strengthen your self-discipline.

Self-discipline is a blessing

Soon I will write more about building the self-discipline you need to be free and earn your living, to be your own daily teacher. I have some resources, techniques, strategies and “hacks” that do not stop growing. And as always, I share it with you, because every step forward that you take is a step.

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