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Algo que no te han contado sobre la motivación…

Me gustaría decir unas palabras sobre la motivación. La “motivación” es un concepto bastante amplio y extraño, especialmente por cómo resuena y el impacto que tiene en el mundo que vivimos.

Por una parte, es una construcción psicológica diseñada para explicar las razones por las cuales las personas hacemos lo que hacemos.

La motivación es como una fuerza que inicia, guía y mantiene comportamientos orientados hacia metas. …

How to go from Zero to Hero, from working on a factory to finding true freedom

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  1. Gratitude for being born in this time in history.
  2. Appreciation for the parents and family who have taken care of me.
  3. The ability to play with whatever comes your way.
  4. Feel the love the world gives you — and take it.
  5. Being able to develop oneself in a world full of opportunities.
  6. Have access to knowledge and use it to create a positive impact.
  7. Make the case just and necessary to external orders.
  8. Always seek for the other side.
  9. Make noise but always stopping before reaching the limit of the maximum allowed.
  10. Learn what is right and what is not, from integrity, from the instinct to do good. …

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How to become unstoppable by building self-discipline

Self-discipline is the only core skill I know of that can set you free, and that is the most powerful there is. I’m not the only one who thinks so, ask Jocko Willink.

It is on these days that I feel the power of self-discipline. I finished, some days ago, the 4-day Holistic Ultraman. …


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