Are you a “smokemaker”? 19 deadly signs

Do you know about smokemakers? Probably not, but you will do after this. To become familiar with the idea, you’ve probably heard of people taking you for a ride, social media gurus or mega-expert power rangers. It all boils down to the same thing at the end of the day.

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Photo credit: John Kurman.

Much of what I include here is something that I’ve been pondering about for quite a while now, enough to know what we’re talking about!

We’ve analysed these people, we’ve followed them closely to study them in depth and, as a result, we have reached some interesting conclusions. We shall share some of the most relevant ones here for the first time.

Smokemakers deadly signs

  • We know about your technique of praising us to the skies and say amazing things about us to then position yourself by our side, and in the worst of cases make us feel obliged to return the favour saying the same about you.

You’ve missed the best opportunity there is, connecting with people, being true, honest, transparent, sincere, humble. That’s why we ignore you.

You’ve failed, you fail and you’ll fail for a simple reason: you never considered that we’re not like you.

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9 books, 61 clients, 62 biz advised, 432 speakings, 4.690 articles, 38 projects, 519 lectures, 7 companies, 22 adventures, 43 experiments, ∞ fails.

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