Believe in yourself or don’t believe in anything, it truly doesn’t matter…

When life knocks on your door, when the analysis confirms the most feared diagnosis, when your legs tremble and there are still 30 kilometres to go, when it hurts, you suffer and you roll over … That is when resilience counts, that is when we can bring out magnanimity.

Whenever I see a dark moment and believe me, there are and I go through them, automatically there is something in me that tells me:

“Remember these two things, you are the light in the dark (someone has to do it) and it is always dark before dawn.”

The light always comes, inside or outside.

Practice magnanimity

That is why greatness and elevation of spirit and spirit in difficult times is key, as well as incredible generosity despite any circumstance. Not only for being willing to go against the current but for knowing when to do it and when to be carried away. Wisdom, self-control, temperance and self-knowledge are required to take advantage of your will and your values.

You can decide, believe it or not, what you think in, even if you are not sure about it. This little nuance is what separates an unflappable and unstoppable person from the rest. This is what I came to realise once while doing the Holistic Ultraman last weekend.

You can believe in yourself, or not.

You can believe in your possibilities, or not.

Either you can believe in fate, or not.

You can believe in what you do, or not.

You can believe that you will make it, or not.

What does it matter whether you believe or not? It’s the same.

What matters is that you put into practice what your instinct tells you, because that is where knowledge is essential and has relevance. This is where we can measure belief, whatever it is.

Worry about training yourself in the “good times” for the “bad times” and vice versa, that’s practising stoic magnanimity.

Sure, if you do, it won’t happen as you expect it to, not at least 50% of the time, but something else will happen, and that “something else” will create new steps that will take you to different places and things will happen there. Things that will keep you so busy that you won’t need to feel or believe in doing something, you just have to keep moving as you flow, as dictated by your purest instinct.

There is something unquestionable, under what I perceive, and it is to stop because you do not believe in something.

There are two great mistakes on the path of truth: one is not starting, and the other is not going to the end.

Make this story rock only if you find it worth it! Please, clap if you did find any value.

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9 books, 70 clients, 62 biz advised, 435 speakings, 4.940 articles, 40 projects, 537 lectures, 7 companies, 22 adventures, 46 experiments, ∞ fails.

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