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Considerations and insights after conducting a LSD Microdosing experiment for 40 days

What you need to know about microdosing yourself with LSD

I’m not the person who discovered LSD — neither an expert or a professional that can give a master class on the subject. However, I can tell you from experience, learnings, and knowledge acquired microdosing with LSD experiment for 40 days. You can also check Michael Pollan experience.

This is what, months later, I have learned and concluded, not only from the microdosing LSD experiment (here is the full documentary) but contrasting the results with studies, sources and some experts like Martijn Schirp, co-founder of the group High Existence and Synthesis Retreats.

What you should know about microdosing with LSD

  • If you take the right microdose, you will not find yourself in altered states of consciousness or hallucinating at any time.
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After microdosing with LSD for 40 days

The most exciting thing about this experiment is that its effects last up until the microdose is finished. In my case, it’s been two months since I finished, and my state of perception, focus, and flow has increased and improved in quantity and quality. It is, for me, the best part of the whole experiment.

It is not an experiment that I would recommend to everyone. What’s more, I would not recommend this type of experiment to anyone. I am nobody to do it, nor an expert, or scientist, psychologist or anything like that. This is my experiment, which I have contrasted with at least 20 people, 15 of them very experienced, and 5 of the professionals in the sector.

Do you have any questions regarding microdosing with LSD that I can answer? Ask your question in the comments, and I will respond.

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To finish: Can I help?

Questions? Requests? Anything I can contribute to after examining this report about the experiment I did with nootropics and cognitive enhancers?

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