How to be unstoppable — the 42 principles

It doesn’t matter that you’re not unstoppable, you just need to act as if you were it


There are areas within yourself where you can’t compromise. Things you can’t hesitate about at all. Thoughts that you should not grant even the slightest opportunity. Feelings that you must eradicate without thinking about it. Understand that the only way to be unstoppable is to work to be that way. I only know one way to do it, acting as if I were unstoppable, even if I’m not.

I’m going to work harder every day.

I’m going to train harder every day.

I am not going to sleep.

I am not going to lower my arms even if I am tired.

I am going to improve every day.

I’m going to take control of my failures, and I will recognise them in public.

I’m not going to let my amygdala tell me what I can or cannot do.

I’m not going to ask anyone’s permission.

I’m going to confront every fear, every frustration, every complex, every insecurity.

I’m not going to abandon, run away, give in or regret it, even if I feel I should do it.

I’m going to face all my demons, one by one, or at the same time.

I’m going to remain to stand, even if I cannot stand upright.

I’m not going to look back, nor too far forward, although I have no other place to look.

I’m going to maintain my self-discipline, even if it costs me my life.

I’m going to do better; I will learn more, grow more, be more.

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Being unstoppable is a matter of attitude and mentality

If you don’t leave your comfort zone and enter the combat zone, nothing you do will count. You have to place yourself somewhere where you have to fight, where you have to dig deep, a place where you find trust, determination, and resilience.

Life will hit you when you least expect it, in ways you can’t anticipate. That is when you must be prepared. That’s why you need to develop an incomparable attitude and mentality.

I repeat, there will be no compromises.

Not now.

Not ever.

You will want to leave, but you won’t.

Being unstoppable comes after feeling unstoppable and acting as if you were, even if you may not be.

How to feel unstoppable: 42 definitive principles

The principles that have helped me to be unstoppable

If today and as explained in the podcast “how not to be afraid of anything,” I feel unstoppable, it’s because of the following principles:

1. I act more than I think. I understand, see, and serve.

2. I am ready and prepared. That way I have the freedom to act by guiding myself by my instinct (98% of the time)

3. Money does not motivate me. I don’t need materialistic things.

4. I am never satisfied; I always want a little more. I am a nonconformist, and I’m unstoppable.

5. I have control of my world. I control what depends on me, let the rest go.

6. I’m fucking authentic and genuine to myself.

7. I put almost unbearable pressure on myself.

8. I am not worried about the consequences of failure.

9. I avoid competing against anyone other than myself.

10. I never stop experimenting, testing, rehearsing, throwing myself out there, and trying.

11. Success is something that does not appeal to me, it only leads to anxiety.

12. My goal is not happiness; it is fullness.

13. I appropriate — in public and before strangers — my mistakes with the highest possible vulnerability.

14. I let my work speak for itself.

15. I do 35 times more than anyone who follows my activity thinks.

16. I work every day to strengthen my mind, body, emotions and spirit.

17. Trust, forcefulness, I and self-knowledge are my significant advantages.

18. I surround myself with people who make me grow, people who know when to slap me back to reality.

19. I have learned to flow with things. I have understood internal self-sabotage.

20. I have reduced the attachment I have for people and things to 5%.

21. I forgive, but I do not forget.

22. I have clear and defined objectives, although I do not crush myself if I don’t achieve them, because I am confident that one day, sooner or later, I will meet them.

23. I decide at the speed of light. Then I analyze and meditate.

24. I choose simplicity instead of complexity.

25. I am glad and bless the successes and achievements of friends, colleagues, and even who could be considered my competitor.

26. I take advantage of the resources, I have the best I know.

27. I am not caught up in the results of what I did or what I will do. I remain focused on what makes me move every day: the work that matters.

28. I am obsessed with improving every day, even if it is absurd or ridiculous.

29. I invest more than almost anyone in investing in myself.

30. I am aware that I am not the best, nor the most outstanding, nor the most talented, that gives me the perspective to not stop doing anything.

31. I have worked to eliminate all the fears that existed in my life.

32. I reward myself three times more than I punish myself.

33. I start before being prepared.

34. I report to excellence, and my grandmother, and no one else.

35. If necessary, I am able to take on anything and anyone.

36. I have given the same price to pain as to pleasure, joy, and misfortune, the amount of a feeling.

37. I remind myself every day, and every day is every day, that I am one step closer to death than yesterday.

38. I don’t make exceptions, but if I do, I don’t get frustrated by them.

39. I am made of values, principles, and integrity; without all of this, it makes no sense to continue in this world. I have never broken them and never will.

40. I use the ego as a propeller.

41. I express what I feel.

42. I’d rather be seen as ignorant, uneducated or uninformed than otherwise.

Those of us who are unstoppable are in our own world. We do not compete with anyone but against ourselves. We never know what we’ll do; we only know that we are forced to act before reacting. I am unstoppable because I have left no other choice. You will be unstoppable when you make your life be that way.

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