How to create the most effective ultra-productivity and high-performance routine you can try

Advanced (experimental and) maximum performance routine

I am investigating how I can push my high-performance even more and better. Thinking about it, I designed a new system that I have begun to implement some months ago the advanced routine of maximum performance.

Warning: it’s not something basic, nor for beginners, it’s more for people who are at an advanced level of self-discipline, self-awareness and physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual training. It’s not for everyone.

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We could say that it was a kind of experiment because I was going to try it for the first time, without knowing what return I could get out of it. However, I already knew some of the super-habits and hacks separately, because some of them have been put into practice before.

Advanced maximum performance routine

This is what I’ve tried for a month, and boosted me reaching my peak performance every day:

Actually, a part of this routine is made up of some of the most useful parameters of several experiments that I have performed so far. I’ve taken a little here and a little there to create something that forces me to activate my transcend mode.

On the other hand, I may add or remove parameters according to the progress of the routine.

What would your advanced routine look like?

When I develop and launch these personal projects, I imagine two positive effects, one that will affect me. And another one that could provoke in you, to give you an idea of creating an advanced routine of maximum performance, but in your way, with your hacks and super-habits. How would you build that system and what would it be that would form it?

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