How to push past your limits

8 mental strategies that help me going beyond my limits

1. Go far away — where nobody else reaches

That mentality is what leads us to consider ourselves unsuccessful. If you think that just doing the job is good enough, you were still living in 2005.
You must know how important it is to empty yourself. Give everything. Go beyond, exceed the limit.

Doing things that way is what forces the world to pay attention to you.

When you look into someone’s eyes, you can know if they are giving 30, 50, 60 or 75%. I rarely meet people who provide 150%; it’s something that shines in their eyes. When I find them, I realise that they have an attitude that is willing to go far, above and beyond what is expected of them.

How to go beyond your limits happen when you decide to leap no matter what.

2. You will have to exceed the limit

Yes. You have to go that far. You have to stretch your effort capacity. If you extend it beyond the average, without you looking for it, you will have eyes on you. You will make people say “Fascinating, this man/woman is the ideal candidate for the job, look at him/her, he/she is much better than anyone, much more prepared, willing and determined.”
What is at stake here is to go that extra mile, to exceed the limit. The additional 10 kilometres of the race, the 15 extra rounds in the gym, the extra 30 minutes are satisfying the customer.

We’re talking about how clean your house is every day when you leave for work, how clean your work area is, and not only that, how clean and organised you make other people’s work areas. It’s about going beyond in life and doing it because you can, then you go beyond your limits.

3. Take control

Exceeding the limit is not a core skill that you or I have naturally. You have to win it, guess how…

You have to go further.

To the bottom.

Don’t skimp.

Wear yourself out.

Run out of breath.


If you want to win, you have to go for it and be able to risk everything. Do everything you can, even if it is not within your reach: every time, every day.

It is the only thing that will make you stand out.

4. Say “I am willing.”

Are you willing to hand in an outstanding project on time?

Are you willing to turn your restlessness into something valuable for you and other people?

Are you willing to use your free time to create the opportunities you dream of?

Are you going to be willing to learn a daily lesson? With the failures and errors that will come with it?

Are you still willing to use the Internet as a tool to connect with people?

Are you willing to create something with your hands? Something provocative.

5. I would like to hear you say something like this

I must be willing to fail, not to be accepted, to be rejected, to be ridiculed. If that’s not enough, to be minimised, to self-sabotage myself. Yes Isra, I am willing to swim against cynics and destructive criticism, even to fight daily with even myself. Yes, Isra, I am more than ready, I have no other choice if I want to make a difference and appropriate the place that my life has in store for me.

I am willing

If you had to do any of these things or be ready to leave everything you appreciate most if you had to make that decision, would you do it? Yes…

The answer is yes, great. Decide as if it was already happening.

The answer is no, start training right now because that could be the answer to your dissatisfaction.
If I work every day on these kinds of decisions and point of view for 20 minutes a day, in six months, you will not only be willing but prepared and have made more progress than most of your colleagues, bosses or referents.

I am willing is more decisive than I am capable of.

6. Stop self-sabotaging you

Stop lamenting.

Stop abandoning what you have been rejected from for the first time.

Stop being late.

Stop rambling.

Stop kicking yourself for not passing the ___________ test.

Stop being a victim because your father or mother couldn’t go to college.

Stop telling the story in which you always fail.

Stop pretending you can’t go beyond your limits.

7. “I’ve never been good”

When you know that you’re not good at something, you’re right. That, in most cases, means that you have not trained to be good at whatever the skill, professional speciality, habit, sport or hobby. You may not be good at excel, of course, because you are not used to excelling, no wonder why you don’t go beyond your limits.

8. A whole soft generation

The Dip explains that there is a gap between getting it and not, the emptiness is at its peak when the failure becomes more pronounced. At that point, almost 90% leave, those who follow, get it.

Understand that you have to give everything you have. There is no other way but 120%. Not 70%, not 50%, no, 120% 365 days a year. This mentality, this way of conceiving things, your work, your studies, your family, will make you take off from an average stage until you reach greatness.

I already signed this commitment. I will work the necessary hours. I will fail in all the essential things. I will do as many hours of pedalling as necessary. I will say “no” as many times as required. I will live as intensely as needed. I will start again from scratch as many times as required.

You’re either here or there. Average or large. 30% or 120%. There is no intermediate term. Leave this soft and average generation and join the training culture at 120% a day.

We’ll be waiting for you.

Make this story rock only if you find it worth it! Please, clap if you did find any value.

Isra Garcia = 8 books, 58 clients, 60 biz advised, 423 speakings, 4.265 articles, 34 projects, 484 lectures, 6 companies, 21 adventures, 36 experiments, ∞ fails.

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9 books, 70 clients, 62 biz advised, 435 speakings, 4.940 articles, 40 projects, 537 lectures, 7 companies, 22 adventures, 46 experiments, ∞ fails.

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