How to push past your limits

8 mental strategies that help me going beyond my limits

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1. Go far away — where nobody else reaches

Some so many people go through life, leaving things to chance. So many people prefer to wait for something to happen. And so many professionals who decide to react to their results… Many of us do just the right amount to pass the filter, leaving the rest to someone who comes and finishes it.

2. You will have to exceed the limit

When you travel that extra kilometre (excellence), you are forcing that unprecedented result. Do you know what separates you from reaching this point? Your inability to recognise that you have control of that last and final push that leads you to exceed the limit. Then you are in control of depositing great effort in something that others will recognise.

3. Take control

All of this is to take control and not leave things in the air. It’s a skill, not something you are born with as a gift. It’s pure excellence, it’s something that you learn, that you practice, and over time, yes, it can become a tremendous super habit.

4. Say “I am willing.”

Are you willing to create a digital place that has your voice? Where do you write with your heart? Where you defend your positions and expose yourself to the world? It can be a website, a vlog or a podcast.

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5. I would like to hear you say something like this

I am eager to leave my current job if necessary. I don’t care as long as that makes me walk down the path that belongs to me.

6. Stop self-sabotaging you

We are part of the dull generation. Consider the following:

7. “I’ve never been good”

I’m not good at math, right. I never studied for it. I wasn’t very good at writing, now, every day, I am a little better at it. Because I train every day. My speech was quite average, it’s not anymore, and I earn a good part of my profession with it. In 2011–2012, I worked with professional speech therapists to improve my oral expression. In addition to training until today, every day. In 2005 I had no idea what marketing was. Today it is my main professional activity, and it is my speciality. The results and my instincts show me that.

8. A whole soft generation

We feel pain, discomfort, injustice, frustration or uncertainty, and we abandon whatever we’re doing. We are too weak. We are a soft generation. We leave almost immediately.

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