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How to remain calm and stoic no matter what happens: 10 strategies

How to find the ataraxia that will make you feel imperturbable

Being undisturbed means remaining unchanged despite external stimuli. That is the definition of the word. It’s the ability to remain immovable in the face of any event — a very marked feature of the great Stoics.

If I had to choose a core skill to navigate this world interrupted by COVID-19, I would select imperturbability followed by magnanimity, ataraxia. And also my dearest and inseparable self-discipline, self-awareness and initiative (since these three are the perfect trident to integrate anything you propose).

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However, until we’re able to question our thoughts, work without the “I” before anything, act consciously and understand what limits us, accept it and use it as an advantage until we succeed — as individuals or organizations — in mastering these fields, we cannot be imperturbable or cool-headed.

Being undisturbed and calm only works when attacking what disturbs you-the most challenging, the most terrifying.

10 strategies to reach that state of imperturbability

1. Be small doing great things

2. Jump into fear, find it, live it

3. Learn to see and validate what you resist seeing and then make it valid

4. Find the thought that disturbs or frustrates you and instead of feeding it, besiege it by giving it more than it asks of you

5. Find the disagreement and understand it outside your echo chamber

6. Stay close to who or what causes you the friction

7. Do everything you dislike, in a planned way

8. Be, think, and act ridiculous, absurd, foolish, and vulnerable

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9. Don’t think about living present, act (and don’t act) from the moment you open your eyes until you close them

10. Ignore the texts, audios, videos, and of course, advice from 98% of the world. Including your own

Imperturbability can only come from great self-control, which is what you train and get with these strategies.

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