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It’s called “love” — and “life”

The true essence of living here and now

Everyboy knows what is most important, but no one honours such importance. Nobody understands it, but everybody tries to understand it, everybody chases it, but nobody seems to reach it, everybody wants to feel it inside, but they only perceive it outside. Everybody wants to own it, but nobody can keep it. Everybody wants to be, but nobody knows how. Everyone wants to know what the secret is, but nobody knows that there is no secret, it is called life, and it is called love, two ways of saying the same thing.

We want to be so attached to life that we detach ourselves from it; we want to live so much that we end up not living because of the craving caused by wanting to live. We want to be in the present so much that we end up in the past or the future. We cling to life so much that we forget that we are going to die, and with them, we lose the essence of life and creation. The same story applies to love; we want to be so loved that we think we don’t deserve it, we want to receive so much love that we don’t ask for it, we want to love so much that we want the spark that produces it.

The surprising thing is that one day you realize that it does not matter everything you tell yourself that matters, because in reality, we will never know if it matters or not, except for one clear thing, the reason for everything … It is called love, because that universal factor that makes people connect, the earth vibrates, the light comes, the world turns, the violin sounds and life begins and ends.

So, remember every step you take, every action, every thought, every reaction, every impulse, every moment, is eternal if it is given with love, and if we choose to do so. So stop and love every moment. Time is “this”, love is “this”, life is “this”, we are “this”, everything is “this” at this very moment.

After that, there is nothing else, or maybe not.

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