Vanessa Lengies: Orgasmic Meditation, Slow Sex and Intimacy — how to unleash your true sexuality and then, your true self

Interviewing the actress and coach Vanessa Lengies on the art of practicing Orgasmic meditation, Slow Sex, intimacy, and sexuality. How to be the very best self through creating a healthy sexual life…

Vanessa Lengies: Orgasmic Meditation; How to unleash your true sexuality — Disrupt Everything #54

I’ve been acting since I was young, I wanted to be the best as an actress, I wanted my parents to be proud, my agents to be happy, everyone to see me, to change the world. However, I was wrong; I wanted to change the outside first, I wanted to make others happy by entertaining them — Vanessa Lengies.

While I was living in Santa Monica, I had the opportunity to meet with Vanessa Lengies and her boyfriend, James Cromer (who I also interviewed in another podcast). They were both my housemates. I didn’t know who they were, nor what either of them did until we started talking. Then I discovered more about Vanessa, her past and present as an actress, and current and future as a standard-bearer, guide (coach) in Orgasmic Meditation, Slow Sex, intimacy, and sexuality.

Vanessa has participated in 9 movies and 25 series. Movies like Waiting…, The Perfect Man, Still Waiting…, Stick It, We Are Your Friends or My Suicide. Some of the series that she has performed in are Arthur, Lassie, CSI Miami, Castle, American Dreams, Medium or Second Chance… You can find all his professional bibliography here. In addition to all that work, Vanessa Lengies has recently released The “S” Word, a remarkable and delirious documentary about the real search for her sexuality, something that has to do with her mission in life.

My relationship is based on truth, intimacy, authenticity, sexuality and what makes me unique.

Orgasmic meditation and sexuality

Orgasmic Meditation changed Vanessa’s life, who is now one of the leaders in this movement throughout the California area. Vanessa has discovered her true vocation, helping other people to awaken their sexuality to turn them into full and happy people with their intimacy, sex, and personal life.

Disrupt Everything podcast series #54 — Vanessa Lengies

Acting was distancing myself from who I was — Vanessa Lengies

In this podcast episode number 54, I embark on a journey that is entirely different from the usual, with Vanessa Lengies. A walk through the intense life of this Hollywood actress who gets naked in this interview. Vanessa shows us her vulnerability, intimacy, sexuality and all her knowledge in another type of meditation, the orgasmic and practices derived from Slow Sex. This conversation of more than an hour is about how we connect, how we relate and how we feel, through sex, intimacy and our history.

Orgasmic Meditation confronts yourself — Vanessa L.

Listen the interview clicking the link below:

Vanessa Lengies: Orgasmic Meditation; How to unleash your true sexuality — Disrupt Everything #54

Index of contents

  1. The story of Vanessa Lengies now. How she has arrived at this moment knowing everything she knows.
  2. Orgasmic Meditation, Slow Sex and the state of Flow.
  3. Vulnerability, sexuality and the power of OM.
  4. Female orgasm versus male orgasm.
  5. How to start in the art of Orgasmic Meditation: the 12 steps.
  6. Yoga, meditation and Orgasmic Meditation.
  7. “Eureka” moments.
  8. Relationships, privacy, and communication.
  9. Lessons and challenges.
  10. The more personal side

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You can also listen directly from the Disrupt Everything podcast series homepage.

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