Daily Mantra: Never stop training (that’s the secret)

Because the training itself is the outcome itself

Credit: James Clear

Because that’s the trick, life is just training, so never stop training, that’s the shortcut:

So while others sleep, we are experimenting.

While others eat, we try new things.

While others watch series, we try improbable things.

While others attend social events, we prototype.

While others get lost on social media, we challenge ourselves.

While others try to attract attention, we realise that we hardly know anything.

While others complain, we dance with what life throws at us.

Whatever you want to develop or do, I’m afraid you will need hours and hours of training. So don’t stop training for yourself, for life, dying, and breathing. Never stop training.

What you do not achieve sometimes comes because it was not the time, yes, but most times, it happens because you did not insist enough. You did not put in time, effort, determination and consistency.

You have to train and practe for the sake of it.

Never stop training it’s the mantra

Most of you reading this could push your life for 30, 60, or 90 days, but how many of you could make your life for one or two or three years straight?

Don’t become the victim of your laziness

Many people lament that they don’t have the necessary discipline, perseverance, or consistency, but that’s just the story they tell themselves. They know that when the tremendous pain and suffering comes, they are going to fail, that they are going to give up, that they are going to slacken, that they are going to slow down. But, no, that’s when you have to get up earlier, put more emphasis, pay more attention, do more sports, eat even better, and rejoice with every fall, criticism, or defeat of your experience.

Just be unstoppable, which means, whatever happens, just continue forward

I know that I am not the fastest, the smartest, the most attractive, the best, the most successful or famous, or anything like that. Yet here I am, opening the doors of freedom, fulfilment, and inner joy. Because? Because I have continued to persist, experiment and try to this day. I am that person who does not stop, has no reason, and does not have to feel or think about it. I am that person who goes for it over and over again, the person who knows that breathing and acting go hand in hand.

Go, go, go and go

Every day, without anyone watching, from dawn to dusk. Alone, I have done the work that had to be done: train, write, develop, launch, create, experiment, develop, train, study, educate, disseminate, record, play, practice, and compete.

When you do that day in, and day out, it’s just a matter of time before your ability collides with an opportunity to show what the fruit of your practice is. That’s what I call luck. That’s what success is. Nothing subjective.

It’s all you.

A story about not quitting and never stop training
Credit: Shaolin Temple Europe

You are neither mediocre nor ordinary; you are what you decide to be based on your actions (or non-actions). The world does not get to choose. You decide

I end up like this: you don’t need anyone’s permission to be great. You only need approval from that genius you see in the mirror every day.

What are you gonna do about it? Are you going to enter Instagram to motivate yourself with a story from a motivator, coach or entrepreneur? Or don’t tell me you’re signing up for another webinar to buy another success and productivity program, build a six-figure coaching consultancy, or become a flirting expert.

Sorry, the secret ingredient no longer exists.

Never stop training, and do not forget this mantra, because when you train, you cannot lose, but in the long run, you will win.

Because the training, the practice, and the action are the outcome, the realization and the price itself.

May these words haunt your dreams, even long after I’m gone.

Thanks for, you.

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