21 questions to draw the path of your life

The 21 questions that will help you this year

2021 can be a year to forget and lose your mind, or it can be a day to recap and reflect, or it can be a day to conclude and draw The Way.

If you are one of those who go for option one, well, you have to uncork a few bottles of your favourite alcoholic beverage, eat much more than you can digest and commit any other type of excess. In other words, surrender to the banality and superficiality of those times.

If your option is the second one, you can write about the highlights you have lived and done in the year, such as the annual summaries of personal and professional projects, and then evaluate your current position.

And if you go for the third alternative, I have made a series of questions designed to be answered today on this very indicated day to draw The Way. Some can also be answered, with better results, by other people close to you with whom you share this day.

21 questions to walk The Way

Let’s go for it:

  1. What do I really want from 2021?
  2. Where were you last year on this very day? What did you do, think and feel?
  3. How did you see me last year, and how do you see me now?
  4. What was my personal status today but last year? And professional?
  5. What is all that I did not foresee that has happened in the course of the whole year? So, by the rule of three, what could be triggered for this next 2021?
  6. What choices marked achieving or resulting from the end of last year to the end of this?
  7. What is the most important thing I learned in 2020?
  8. And what did you learn from me in the past year?
  9. And what do you hope it brings you in this one that is about to enter?
  10. What did I do that transformed something in me?
  11. What action did I take that changed something around you?
  12. What is the gift you are going to give to the world? What about yourself?
  13. What big change have I made in myself? And in others? Why and how was it?
  14. What is the next thing I am going to implement or take action? For what?
  15. What lessons have I taken and what have they been for?
  16. How will I use all that I have collected (good and bad, if it can be categorized into these two sections) to create a better one today and maybe tomorrow?
  17. What will be the master pillars of 2021?
  18. And what plan am I going to follow? With what actions am I going to execute it, and how am I going to measure it?
  19. Who do I think I am versus who I really am?
  20. How can I leave 2020 better than I found it, and how can I leave 2021 even better?
  21. How to live a great day every day?

An exercise that will give you a lot, as long as you are willing to come down from the limbo.

Drawing the path is a matter of asking the right questions rather than answering them.


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