The art of execution, mastering fear and gaining total focus — Brandon Webb

Interviewing former Navy SEAL and Sniper Brandon Webb

“I execute — Brandon Webb.

A few months ago, I contacted Brandon Webb, a master of execution who has an unstoppable mentality. A person who has reinvented himself from sniper in the Navy SEAL to entrepreneur and author of New York Times bestsellers.

Brandon Webb is a former U.S. Navy SEAL command sniper turned entrepreneur, working with SOFREP (Military Digital Content) and Crate Club (the United States’ number one store for military and survival accessories), and author of 5 books, two of them being Bestsellers. He is a member of YPO New York City, a former Veterans Advisor for the United States Small Business Administration, and Harvard Business School OPM 56.

“This is the mindset you need to acquire: You are going to win no matter what — Brandon Webb.

Brandon has written Mastering Fear, Total Focus, Benghazi, The ISIS Solution, and The Making of a Navy SEAL.

Disrupt Everything #124 — Brandon Webb

In this new episode, I interviewed a disruptor that has a much different profile from the rest of my guests so far, Brandon Webb, a former Navy SEAL, who now is a very active entrepreneur and author. This interview covers what he learned in the SEAL command and his military interventions to how all of this has served him by undertaking and dealing with daily life. We also deal with aspects such as “peak” experiences, habits, routines, focus, state of flow, facing fear and how we can apply the SEAL method to win in life.

Photo credit: SOFMAG.

“You are as strong as your weakest link — Brandon Webb.

Listen here >>> Brandon Webb — Disrupt Everything podcast.

Interview index

  1. Milestones.
  2. Motivation and change.
  3. Navy SEAL, why: Purpose.
  4. Vital learnings as a Navy SEAL.
  5. Mentality.
  6. The most powerful practical keys.
  7. Mastering fear — the method.
  8. Habits, abilities, routines and the SEAL method applied to everyday life.
  9. Failures and successes as an entrepreneur and as a father.
  10. Self-motivation and Brandon Webb.
  11. Self-discipline, values and principles.
  12. Rapid-fire questions.

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