The passion for living is our most significant purpose — and its fuel is endless

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I have something important to share with you. But first, I will start with some questions: Why do you play this game called life?

To get to the end? In order not to suffer? So you can have fun? To see what you take or what you leave?

What is that thing that burns you inside? (We could call it passion)

What drives you?

Do you have any purpose?

Is there an intention for you when you play?

Why are you doing what you’re doing?

Do you need a reason to do it?

Many will say yes, that you need a reason. But, hopefully, that reason is for the common good, global success, and a positive impact.

Very few will say no, you don’t need that reason; you can do it without being driven by a desire or higher purpose.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter what you say or think. Ultimately, it matters what you do and how you do it.

You are what you do and how you do it

Do you not believe me?

A very revealing trick: mute the audio to the people, and stay only with their actions, and you will see what happens.

In essence, you, me, anyone, we are phenomenal. Yet, beyond any category or measure, we do not act this way; quite the contrary.

During all these years, many people have asked me where that energy comes from, that ability to push, that initiative, that self-discipline, that ability to take action over and over again despite falling over and over again. It comes from only one place: my passion for living today as if nothing else existed.

That is why I will break a spear in favour of the power to live.

Living is a game that must be lived in the first person.

People should know you for one thing above all else:

“Work and live on another level.”

“He produces, he launches, he tries, he experiments, he goes for everything that appears in his field of vision.”

“There it is every day, one after the other.”

“Amazing ability to push what he touches.”

“Take responsibility for any aspect of your life.”

Because it doesn’t matter how good your ideas, art or skills are, otherwise you’re going to make life (and work) happen. You have the gift of being able to vibrate at a frequency where others say: “My God, how is he able to do everything he does?” are you willing to do it?

The formula:

  • Raise x10 the levels of your delivery today.
  • Unstoppable, massive and insightful action.
  • A tremendous work and life ethic.
  • Put everything aside except respond to your vital centre, to your truth.
  • Training everything that twitches you, makes you uncomfortable, intimidates you and frustrates you.

The passion for living is your task, obligation and responsibility

True passion is a flame that never goes out. It always lives as long as we are alive. That passion can only be for living. The rest will change, it will appear, it will disappear, it will go up, it will go down, but that other flame will not. It will give you unlimited energy. It will set you apart from the 99%.

The passion for living will take you where nothing else can, giving you a unique quality that will satisfy the rest of your days.

Passion for living is the higher purpose — Isra Garcia
Credit: Tiny Buddha

When you sing, you will sing even if you are rebuked.

You will write even if no one reads you.

You will serve even if no one appreciates it.

Because? Because that is what’s been asked of you, and what you give, it returns it multiplied by 100,000.

Do what it takes to live, do it with essence, and go for it.

It’s waiting for you.

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