The power of psychedelics — and psilocybin, mixed with vulnerability, architecture and integrity —

Podcast interview to David Champion

“It’s really dangerous just to give credit to psychedelic experiences” — David Champion.

David Champion is co-founder and director of Unlimited Sciences, which is a nonprofit research group that is dedicated to discovering how psilocybin can harmlessly be used to cure traumas, depression and other diseases. As well as for cognition and Human potential development.

When I met David, his lifestyle, his values, his mentality and his way of acting really caught my attention.

David comes from the technology, human behaviour and UX sector. Involved in several projects, Baker Technologies being the most popular, an online platform for cannabis sale, a company that David abandoned after becoming public and getting a valuation of 250 million dollars.

David, both personally and professionally, is now immersed in the field of psychedelics, collaborating with the John Hopkins Hospital in New York. Helping to reform the policy of psilocybin (the substance that hallucinogenic mushrooms contain) in Denver.

“’Set and setting’ are the two most crucial aspects that can define a psychedelic experience and can make it either winning and transforming or very harmful” — David Champion.

Disrupt Everything # 91 — David Champion

“Architecture should go about how you feel when you are in front of or inside a building” — David Champion.

A new episode of the podcast about disruption, personal and professional reinvention, ultraproductivity and high holistic performance. This time a new interview in English. With another one of those guests who amazes me, David Champion. A new world scholar passionate about human behaviour, disruptive technology, user experience design, mindfulness and psychedelics, to be more exact, psilocybin. This mixture turns David into a disruptor, topics that twist the questions and answers.

David is a person with special sensitivity. One of the most vulnerable and open people I have met despite his young age. The podcast is a lesson in ethics, respect, rectitude, service and love, by our new guest.

“My relationship with my partner Lana is the most important aspect of my life every day”

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Index of contents

  1. Milestones that stood out and that made others stand out.
  2. The most significant moments that changed the course of things.
  3. Routines, relationships, habits, systems and daily rituals.
  4. Psilocybin, a trip from the compound to its acceptance.
  5. Influential books on psychedelics.
  6. The most important learnings as a confounder and CPO.
  7. Projects launched, failures and successes. Expensive and cheap.
  8. Core skill to highlight.
  9. Essential Superhabits.
  10. Current Challenge.
  11. Unsolicited advice.


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