The true potential of Psychedelics — and microdosing — for inner nourishment and peak performance

Interviewing Paul Austin about psychedelics, microdosing and unleashing human potential

“Microdosing with psychedelics helps you enter states of flow and high standards of self-care and self-esteem — Paul Austin.

A couple of years ago, my friend Eric Grotefeld spoke to me about Paul as one of the most promising young world leaders in terms of evolutionary awareness, psychedelics, and personal transformation. I was also able to learn more about his work and that of his fantastic team when I was at the Synthesis retreat, which is co-founded by Paul alongside with Martijn Schrip — which my great friend Natasja Pelgrom is also part of as a leading facilitator.

“Creativity requires commitment

Paul is also, and mainly, founder and manager of Third Wave, a place of proven reference around the world of psychedelics and their impact on culture, society, human potential and professional development. There Paul leads and teaches online educational programs like Becoming Superhuman — an LSD microdosing course.

Who is Paul Austin?

“I traded alcohol for LSD

Pauls is a specialist in microdosing psychedelic substances as super habits of improvement, in capacities such as leadership, well-being, creativity and easier access to flow states. His skills have led him to become an educator, an entrepreneurial consultant, and speaker. Recently, Paul has published his first editorial project, an ebook called “Microdosing Psychedelics: A Practical Guide To Upgrade Your Life”.

Paul Austin has appeared in worldwide publications such as Rolling Stone, BBC, Forbes, New York Times, The Economist or Business Insider. And people like Jason Silva, Steven Kotler or Gerard Adams have all recognised his work.

Disrupt Everything # 127 — Paul Austin

Interview with Paul Austin about conscious living, the impact of psychedelics around us and their role in the development of human potential, the power and effects of microdosing. It’s a podcast that also addresses how to work at peak performance and lessons in leadership, creativity, and transformation that an agent of change like Paul has drawn from such an eclectic life.

Listen here >>> Paul Austin podcast — Disrupt Everything podcast.


  1. Highlights in Paul Austin’s life.
  2. Integrating psychedelics in today’s world — and the professional world.
  3. How to unite the two realities.
  4. The science — and art — of microdosing.
  5. Differences between LSD and psilocybin.
  6. Short, medium and long-term benefits.
  7. What to take into account with microdosing and psychedelics.
  8. How to start and where to start.
  9. What to measure and consider?
  10. Paul Austin’s “guide” and “protocols”.
  11. Retreats, psychedelics and Peak Experiences.
  12. How to be a steward of humanity.
  13. Learnings about leadership.
  14. Lessons from the explosion of creativity caused by his projects.
  15. How to access flow states more easily.
  16. How to get to Peak Performance, stay focused and create new ideas.
  17. Rapid-fire questions.

“We could say that LSD is like a psychedelic coffee and psilocybin like a tea — Paul Austin.

Resources and show notes:

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