This is what happens when you live like a Stoic during 50 days — An experiment about Modern Stoicism

How to be a Stoic today — a guide about modern stoicism (experiment)

A few months ago I finished the experimental phase of “Stoic Living”, a lifestyle experiment (more humanistic and philosophically-actionable I would say) that sought three things: Firstly, to test how someone feels before, during and after spending 50 days living as a solid Stoic in today’s world. Secondly, to see how you can live to embrace Stoic philosophy radically. And thirdly, to create an understandable, real and tested guide on modern stoicism, step by step.

Development of the process: 50 days trying to live like a stoic

Index — Stoic experiment

1. Observation

2. Formulation and context of the Stoic Life experiment

3. Measurement — Scorecard

4. Experiential analysis day by day

How to be stoic and how to live stoic (50 days — 50 videos)

5. Validated learnings

6. Hypothesis

7. Limitations of living like a modern stoic

End of the Stoic Life experiment — being Stoic is a great hack.

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