We are the medicine: how to unlock the healer within

Why we are, in essence, everything. — A story about awaken the medicine within oneself

I think it was a whole month since I disconnected from the world the last Wednesday the second week of September. It was six days that seemed like thirty. Not only at rest, but in personal growth, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and even physical development, to a lesser extent. On September 16th, I ended the transformational retreat Awaken the Medicine Within. An experience that has come, at least for me, at best possible time.

I finished these five days, as I said, with the feeling, of having dedicated thirty days to the care, empowerment, repair, optimisation and balance of my holistic high-performance. All this thanks to Natasja Pelgrom and her team formed by Sven Kimenai, Nienke Pauw, Aloka H. and Jody Kay – you can find more about the rest of the team and the program here.

A transformational retreat

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Next, I’m going to share with you some of the most outstanding lessons learned, discoveries, practices and conclusions that I have taken from this transformational retreat and impactful life experience. Below you will find a video that I have recorded explaining the knowledge a little more in-depth.

I have divided the “report” of this experiment/experience/ transformational retreat into four phases:

1. Learnings

I have learned that …

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2. Discoveries

I have discovered that …

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3. Outstanding practices

Here some of the highlighted workshops I found…

4. Conclusions

From the transformational retreat I take…

The work that Natasja and her team do is from another world, something necessary for 100% of the people who live on this planet. Hopefully, you can be part of one of her retreats or mentoring sessions.

Reaffirmation and ideal situation: I have to continue with what I am doing (and I will do so). Say what I am saying. Feel what I am feeling. Think about what I am thinking. Be what I am feeling. Radical acceptance of what I already am, consistency, self-discipline, self-awareness, integrity and coherence. That is my way.

Not only physical challenges matter, but we must also go for the intellectual ones, for the emotional and the spiritual ones.

The goal is not to improve (or get worse); the key is to be neutral.

The key: we are the medicine

Here is the video that I recorded just before leaving the transformational retreat in Ibiza, where I talk in more depth about the experience (it’s in Spanis though – looking for a translator that wants to collaborate, interested, contact with me)

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