What I have learned living, training, working and meditating at the Shaolin Temple Europe

Shaolin Temple Europe: what can you learn embracing the Shaolin lifestyle

As I started my month-long digital and professional break, I started by seclusion for a few days at the Shaolin Temple Europe. The goal was to live under its precepts, philosophy and routines through a special program called “Bootcamp”, an intensive program. It was based on Shaolin practices.

Living with Shaolin monks at Shaolin Temple Europe

Day 1 at Shaolin Temple Europe — activities and summary

Welcome training at Shaolin Temple Europe:

Rest and mealtime:

Qi Gong practises (training):

End of the day at the Shaolin Temple Europe with the “thank you” ritual:

Day 2 at Shaolin Temple Europe — activities and summary

Breakfast and 1st workout of the day:

Lunch and rest time:

2nd physical practice:

Snack / dinner:

3rd Physical Practice — Qi Gong approach:

Conclusion of the day:

Day 3 at Shaolin Temple Europe — activities and summary

Initial meditation (7 am-8 am) and breakfast (8–8:30 am):

Theoretical Seminar of Shaolin Order Buddhist Practices:

Principles for the rest of the day 3:

Day 4 at Shaolin Europe Temple — Relevant Observations, Annotations and Considerations

Day 5 at Shaolin Temple Europe — Highlights

Shaolin Temple Europe theory class with Master Shi Heng Yi:

Documentary: Inside the Shaolin Temple Europe Bootcamp

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