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Why seeking discomfort is the way

An experiment about the true power of discomfort and despair

Seeking discomfort makes you grow and overcome uncertainty and fear

I decided to carry on a new experiment, one smaller than usual, but a challenging test, seeking discomfort and finding comfort on it. It was dancing with the most significant discomfort and inconvenience I could find and face it, even beyond; it was about getting rid of my defenses and my mental strength. How? By forcing me to go to bed late and get up very late, because I knew that would destabilise me and put me in despair. And by doing so would be much more likely to feel disturbed and susceptible to any daily situation or person with whom I interacted.



How to handle what you don’t know how to handle: by seeking discomfort

To win, stay at the bottom

Retrain your beliefs and give them the fear they seek to flee

Change the story, and the story will change

Make this story rock only if you find it worth it! Please, clap if you did find any value.

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