Self-discipline is love

Why training every day gives you joy, love and freedom

Last week, I reached 366 days in a row of Tai Chi, 355 days of Qi Gong and 42 days of Kung Fu. And I have been meditating every day since 2015, with some exceptions, blogging daily in 2012, 157 weeks in a row publishing a podcast. For me, there is nothing behind these figures; there is no joy or criticism or judgment; it is just training — I will judge myself when the last breath comes.

Instead, there is only love because, for me, self-discipline is love.

Discipline is the self-imposition of order in the midst of chaos, and order is necessary, especially for lazy, nihilistic, distracted, aimless and hopeless people. And many people are like that, many more than you imagine. This happens mainly because no one has challenged, pushed or encouraged them to go further. Well, consider yourself pushed and challenged right now.

Self-discipline helps you sort out the chaos to move towards a new, freer scene.

That’s why every great freedom you get in life is bought at the price of discipline.

Self-discipline is not a punishment as almost everyone thinks when they react to this word; it is only training; it should not necessarily be arduous and devastating.

So from judging your efforts and training, train for the love of training.

The more you repeat something, the better you become; you just have to be something small, something you love. Something that you feel like and not what you should not do is think or feel about it.

Because, after all, self-discipline is love for what you do, feel and think — how much do you love what you want to be disciplined about? How much are you willing to pay to win freedom in your life?

Today is day zero, back to start, back to training — white belt mentality.



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Isra García

Isra García

9 books, 70 clients, 62 biz advised, 435 speakings, 4.940 articles, 40 projects, 537 lectures, 7 companies, 22 adventures, 46 experiments, ∞ fails.